Website Privacy Policy

Effective May 2018:

Bex Kelly Yoga is an internet based yoga website for people who wish to learn more about me, the yoga I teach, where I teach, and overall life within the realms of yoga & meditation.

The goal in collecting personal information is to provide you with useful content and services. Several of the services and features that we offer on our sites require you to provide us with information as a condition of usage.

We don’t store any personal information for anonymous user accounts.
We do use your email address, name and IP address, as provided when you email Bex Kelly Yoga through the site, and so that you can receive information back.

This site does NOT take any payment information.
This site does use cookies. By adjusting your settings on your browser, you may elect not to allow cookies to be collected.
This site has an SSL certificate – a standard technology for keeping an Internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems. If the privacy policy incurs any change or update, this page will be duly updated.